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Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1450, Malta | T: 25598000 | E: insurance@untours.com.mt | Company Reg No: C5655
The company is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority and authorised to act as an insurance agency for MAPFRE.

All rights reserved - 2014.

Company Profile

Untours Insurance is one of Malta's leading insurance agents, providing affordable insurance protection for both personal and business needs.

Our company has been in operation since 1969. It is registered and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (Company Registration Number C5655).

Since 1980 Untours Insurance has been representing Qatar Insurance, now QIC International LLC. QICI is the leading insurance company in Qatar and enjoys an 'A' rating by Standard & Poor's. Our principal is primarily active in the Middle East with an established portfolio of property, liability, engineering, marine and petrochemical risks. Qatar Insurance has overseas operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Oman and Malta: its yearly underwritten premium is over € 210,000,000.

Our core principles are Value, Service and Reliability. We at Untours Insurance firmly believe that the only approach to build and maintain a successful long-term relationship with our customers is by providing affordable and secure protection.

Untours Insurance is highly service-oriented, putting the needs of the customer first. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we aim to provide the best service we possibly can to all our customers at all times.

With our standards and the help of a dedicated team, we are proud of what we have accomplished so far and we are eager to continue to build on this for the benefit of our customers.
We are committed to provide quality and affordable protection to our customers for both personal and commercial insurance.

Our goal is to continue achieving profitable growth in order to secure as a significant player on the local insurance market which has the trust and respect of all its stakeholders being customers, principal, personnel and shareholders.

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Head Office
Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1450, Malta
Tel. 21223441 / 21231619 / 21252623
Fax. 21243796
Email: mailto:insurance@untours.com.mt
Email: http://www.uinsure.com.mt

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
    From 08.00 to 13.00
    From 13.30 to 16.45
Claims department
Same hours except Wednesday.
Claims department closes at 12.30.

Summer Hours
08:00 to 13:00
13:30 to 16:45
Tuesday to Friday
08:00 to 14:00

Tied Insurance Intermediaries
-Sliema 33, Depiro Stret Tel: 212332403   sliema@untours.com.mt
-St. Venera Autofactors, Canon Road Tel: 214464573   stvuntours@yahoo.com
-Zebbug (M) 159, Vjal il-Helsien Tel: 27020880    
-Zabbar 44, Hompesch Road Tel: 21808174 99893139 zabbaroffice@untours.com.mt
-Luqa 55, Triq Sant' Andrija Tel: 27257121 99478435 79280372 luqabranch@untours.com.mt
-Gozo GWU, Sir Luigi Camilleri Street Tel: 21565245   jacqueline.grima@untours.com.mt
-Paola 107, Trqi il-Knisja Tel: 21664103    

Request copy of our policy for full terms and coditions.

Motor Insurance

Untours Insurance have been offering affordable motor insurance for over 30 years. We aim to be the best in our industry. Key to this is the prompt and efficient handling and resolution of claims. We offer you peace of mind.

Our professional team of dedicated staff is committed to helping you understand the different policies and discuss with you the type of insurance coverage you need.

The level of policies offered are as follows:

Third Party Only

Covers the legal liability of the insured arising out of death or bodily injury or damage to property, caused by or arises out of the use of the Insured Vehicle. The indemnity against liability for such property damage is limited to € 500,000 in respect of any third party property damage claim irrespective of the number of parties involved and € 2,500,000 in respect of an accidental bodily injury or death claim or series of claims arising out of one claim irrespective of the number of persons injured.

Third Party Fire & Theft

In addition to the cover offered under the Third Party Only cover this policy will also cover loss or damage caused by Fire or Theft to the Insured Vehicle.


This is the widest cover available for your Insured Vehicle, in addition to the cover offered under the above policies the Comprehensive policy includes own damage to the Insured Vehicle and the following automatic extensions;

- Personal Accident
- Medical Expenses
- Personal Effects
- Breakage of Glass
- Free Car Hire
- Protection of No Claims Bonus

Motor Insurance

Additional Discounts

- More than one insured vehicle
- Insured only driving
- Two Named persons driving
- No Claim Discount for careful drivers

Motor Insurance

Vehicle Value Notes (Association Vehicle)

General Notes :

1) The market values indicated in the Vehicle Value Guide October 2010 are inclusive of VAT and the new registration tax.
MIA always recommends the exercise of due caution when referring to the vehicle values listed herein.

2) New Vehicle Prices are inclusive of all "on the road expenses" and full taxes.

3) Used UK Imported Vehicles are identified in sections underneath the brand listings. In cases where the vehicle may not be identified, please use the equivalent model in the standard section and deduct +/- 20% of indicated value.

Valuations by MIA-Licenced Motor Insurance Surveyors are recommended.

4) Deductions must be made for Vehicles with particular registration types such as those with prefixes ending in :
"Y" (taxis or garage hire vehicles),
"K" (self-drive vehicles)
"QZ" (long-term lease vehicles)
and others with Prefix beginning:
"TF" (reduced registration tax for ex-patriates, disability card holders, other non-resident individuals).

5) Odometer Readings.
It is being assumed that the average vehicle will cover 6000 Miles or 9600 Kms per year. It is advisable that vehicles with readings that vary considerably from this average are subjected to a valuation by an MIA-Licenced Motor Insurance Surveyor.

6) Condition: Values are based on vehicles with average wear and tear in relation to their age. Valuations may be reduced by 10 - 15% once poor interior upholstery condition, and or body rust perforation is evident. In cases where the body has sustained dents/scratches /faded finish etc..., the approximate value of the repair cost must be deducted from the value indicated.

7) Unless stated otherwise in the Extras Column, vehicles are considered to be driven by a Manual gearbox.

8) The abbreviations for extra equipment have the following meaning:

AC - Airconditioning PS - Power Assisted Steering ABS - Anti-Lock Braking System
ABG - Airbag EW - Front Electric Windows

4EW - Front and Rear Electric Windows AUTO - Automatic Transmission SR - Sunroof
AW - Alloy Wheels
EBD - Electronic Brake Distribution CL - Central Locking RCD - Radio/CD Player
AWD - Four Wheel Drive
CC - Climate Control C/Top - Canvas Folding Roof

9) There are instances in the Guidebook where the term "INFO" appears in the Market Value column. This relates to models which entered the local market in 2010 and are only a few months old; hence, it is too early to quote the relative market value at this stage. The respective entry in the VVG is therefore intended "for information purposes only".

10) All valuations reproduced herein are being published as an indicative guide only.
11) Although much care has been taken to improve the quality and accuracy of the Guide Book, feedback and suggestions from the end users are most welcome.


a) All vehicles registered after January 2009 fall under new tax regime, and all valuations reflect current circulation tax module. b) Values of UK Imports registered prior to January 2009 (old Tax regime) can be adjusted upwards. This can be calculated on a case by case basis, with reference being made to vehicle tax computation charts issued by TM.

Motor Insurance

Vehicle Value Guide
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Vehicle Extras
Year of Manufacture
Engine Capacity
Current Value  

Travel Insurance

There are many things to consider when planning a vacation - where to go, what to pack, and what to do once you get there. No matter how well you plan, though, there are some things that are out of your control. That's where our travel insurance can come in very handy by compensating you for unexpected events that could occur while traveling.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

The benefits available are:

- Cancellation Charges
- Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses
- Cutting short your Journey
- Personal Accident
- Loss of Passport
- Baggage
- Delayed Baggage
- Personal Money
- Personal Liability
- Missed Departure
- Legal Expenses Insurance

In addition, we also provide:

- 24 hour Worldwide International Medical Rescue Service

Travel Insurance

Summary of Cover
You are given a choice of three levels of cover: Silver, Gold and Platinum. As the name implies, the Silver cover offers the minimum level of cover whilst the Platinum cover offers a more enhanced cover.

Summary of Cover

The following is a Summary of Cover and is intended to describe simply and clearly the cover provided by Untours Insurance. Please refer to the policy document for full terms of the cover.

Section Limit
Cover: Silver Gold Platinum Excesses
Cancellation Charges
(Final Invoice Cost Maximum):
€ 750 € 2,500 € 5,000 € 50

Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses: € 35,000 € 200,000 € 300,000 € 50

Cutting Short your Journey
(Final Invoice Cost Maximum):
€ 750 € 2,500 € 5,000 € 50

Personal Accident: € 10,000 € 25,000 € 35,000 Nil

Loss of Passport: € 125 € 250 € 350 € 50

Baggage: € 800 € 2,000 € 3,000 € 30

Delayed Baggage: € 150 € 250 € 350 € 50

Personal Money: € 600 € 900 € 1,300 € 50

Personal Liability: € 1,250,000 € 1,250,000 € 1,250,000 Nil

Missed Departure
(Final Invoice Value Maximum):
€ 300 € 700 € 1,000 € 50

Legal Expenses Insurance: - no - - no - € 2,500 € 50

Travel Insurance


Travel Claim Form
Travel Policy Form
Travel Proposal Form

Marine Insurance

Untours Insurance offers two different types of policies to cater for the different types of crafts.

- Comprehensive Coverwhere you are insured against damage to the insured craft as well as for third party liabilities.

- Third Party Only Cover covers both property damage and bodily injury to Third Parties.

Marine Insurance

Summary of Cover
The following is a Summary of Cover and is intended to describe simply and clearly the cover provided by Untours Insurance. Please refer to the policy document for full terms of the cover.

The Marine Hull policy provides cover for loss of or damage to the vessel and equipment described in the schedule caused by but not limited to: - Perils of the seas, rivers, lakes, or other navigable waters
- Fire
- Jettison
- Piracy
- Contact with dock or harbour equipment of installation, land conveyance, aircraft or similar objects or objects falling there from
- Earthquake Volcanic eruption or lightning
- Accidents in loading, discharging or moving stores, gear, equipment, machinery or fuel
- Explosions
- Malicious Acts
- Theft (some limitations to small outboard motors applies)
- Loss of or damage to the subject matter insured, excepting motor and connections (but not strut, shaft or propeller), electrical equipment and batteries and connections, caused by:

    1. Latent defects in hull or machinery, breakage of shafts or bursting of boilers (excluding the cost and expense of replacing or repairing the defective part broken shaft or burst boiler).

    2. The negligence of any person whatsoever, but excluding the cost of making good any defect resulting from either negligence of breach of contract in respect of any repair or alteration work carried out for the account of the assured and/or the Owners or in respect of the maintenance of the Vessel.

    3. This insurance covers the expense of sighting the bottom after stranding, if reasonable incurred especially for that purpose, even if no damage is found.

Additional Benefits included in the Cover:

Legal Costs you have incurred with the written consent of Untours Insurance.

Removal of Wreck - This insurance also to pay the expenses, after deduction of the proceeds of the salvage, of the removal of the wreck of the insured Vessel from any place owned, leased or occupied by the assured.

We also offer:

- Efficient Claims Service and immediate assistance by our appointed consultants in the time were you need us most.

Marine Insurance


Marine Proposal Forms
Marine Claim forms

Home Insurance

Home insurance is necessary when considering the risk such as fire. Imagine the expense of not only replacing everything you own inside the house, but the hassle and further expense of finding temporary accommodation. Insure your Home and Contents with UNTOURS Insurance and you can benefit from the following:

- Excellent Rates
- A simple, easy to understand policy
- Loyalty, and senior citizen discounts
- Full theft cover insuring you against theft committed without forcible/violent entry to/exit from the premises, giving you a better level of standard cover
- New for old basis of claims settlement
- Excellent FREE additional benefits including:
     - Debris Removal
     - Architects and Surveyors Fees
     - Additional Fees, Cost and Expenses
     - Accidental Loss or Damage to fixed glass and sanitary fittings
     - Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Rent
     - Accidental Loss or Damage to home computers and home electronics
     - Money Cover
     - Temporarily Removal of Contents
     - Deterioration of Freezer Contents
     - Sports Equipment and Pedal Cycles
     - Locks and Keys
     - Liability as Owner of Property
     - Liability as Occupiers of the Premises

Please refer to the full policy document for full terms of cover.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance Policy Summary

The following is a Summary of Cover and is intended to describe simply and clearly the cover provided by Untours Insurance. Please refer to the policy document for full terms of the cover.

Summary of Cover

The Buildings and Contents are covered for loss or damage caused by one of the following Insured Perils:
- Fire, explosion, lightning earthquake
- Storm or flood
- Collision or impact damage caused by vehicle, animal, carriage, aircraft or aerial devices
- Riot, strikes and civil commotion
- Malicious Act
- Escape of water from any fixed water piping or water apparatus or fixed heating installation or washing machine and air conditioning units
- Escape of fluid from any fixed heating or air conditioning installation
- Theft or attempted theft
- Breakage or collapse of any aerial including damage thereto
- Falling trees or branches

Liability to Others:

- Liability as owner of the property
- Liability as occupiers of the premises
- Liability to domestic staff

Optional Additional Cover:

- Accidental Loss or Damage outside the Home

Insurance policies do not cover you against every loss, for instance, cover excludes wear and tear, maintenance or anything that happens gradually. It is essential that you regularly maintain your property, keeping it in good condition and in good repair.

Home Insurance


Home Policy Form
Home - New Proposal
Home claim form

Business Insurance

Untours Insurance also provides a comprehensive range of competitive business insurance products designed to protect your company and its employees.

Being it small to medium or large business operations, we understand how important it is to keep your business running efficiently and productively. That is why we are always here to help you protect the future of your business. Our experienced team of dedicated staff is committed to helping you understand the different policies and discuss with you the type of insurance coverage you need.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance Products

- Fire and Special Perils
- Theft
- Industrial All Risks
- Money
- Goods in Transit
- Electronic Equipment
- Machinery Breakdown
- Business Interruption
- Public Liability
- Employers Liability
- Commercial Combined
- Hoteliers Combined
- All Risks
- Contractors All Risk
- Group Personal Accident

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